Blocks vs Subsets

Blocks are the foundation behind Subset. Think of them as different sheets in a traditional spreadsheet, except Subset’s blocks have unique characteristics. Below is a screenshot of a few different types of blocks available.

Four examples of subset blocks

Blocks break down complex analysis into more digestible parts. As a result, your analysis become more reusable, shareable, powerful and less error prone on Subset.

Subsets (or subset templates) are block(s) that have been saved down for future use in a workspace. They can be cloned and then imported into any new or existing workspace. You can create a Subset by clicking the share button and clicking publish. After you click publish, you, or others if you made it public, can easily clone it going forward. If you don't have any of your own subsets to save down, you can browse the Community and clone the top rated templates that others have created.

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