Use Subset Quick Calcs

Fastest way to do spreadsheet analysis

You can use Subset Quick Calcs by clicking on the block and clicking the blue lightning bolt. We've included the most common spreadsheet transformations.


One of the most common analysis that people do when they have a CSV or Database is to analyze total (sum or count) or average by group. In traditional spreadsheets like Excel/Sheets, the way to do this is:

  1. Copy the category and paste it into a new column (10+ clicks)

  2. Remove the duplicates (10+ clicks)

  3. Write a SUMIF COUNTIF or AVERAGEIF formula (10+ clicks)

  4. Then drag it down (10+ clicks)

In Subset, we can do this much faster and more intuitively. All you have to do is:

  1. Click quick calcs and select the analysis you want (3 clicks)

  2. Select the column you want to group by (1 click)

  3. Select the column you want to do the analysis on (1 click)

These steps automatically takes the column you want to group by and removes duplicates. Then it takes the formula and automatically applies it for every grouped item. This block also automatically updates as the inputs change.

Removing Duplicates

In Subset you can quickly link a column up and remove duplicates. This new block is forever linked to the original data set such that as you update the original dataset, the new block will always returned the original dataset without duplicates.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click quick calcs and select link

  2. Select your column

  3. Select remove duplicates


Another common analysis is to create a total column that aggregates an entire row of data. Think if you have 12 months of data listed from left to right and you wanted to create a total column. In Subset we make this process extremely simple to create a summary for every row of your data.

All you have to do is:

  1. Click quick calcs and select Summary

  2. Pick a summary statistic: SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE

Data Cleanup

Lastly Subset is the easiest way to clean up your data. You can apply a LOWER, UPPER, PROPER, or TRIM function to any column you want by just clicking the quick calcs and selecting clean up.

These functions are helpful if you are trying to make your data more consistent.

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