Quick Calcs - Filter

Best way to filter data


The filter block allows you to filter out rows or columns of another block. The underlying data of the filter block comes from the block you select, so as you update the selected block with additional data, the filter block also automatically updates according to the filter arguments.

In order to use the Quick Calc's filtering feature, you just have to select a column and then select the argument that you want to filter by. Once you click submit, it will automatically generate a filtered block. After the filtered block is generated, you can also hide columns.

Filtering in Subset is easier to understand than traditional spreadsheets. You don’t need to know if there are hidden rows that need to be accounted for. In Subset, Filters are its own block type that are dependent on a data source. The benefit of this method allows your filters to persist regardless of how the data changes and therefore filters are more dynamic and powerful.

Right now Subset supports the following filters.


  • Is empty

  • Is not empty

  • Remove Duplicates


  • Text contains

  • Text does not contain


  • Date is

  • Date is not

  • Date is before

  • Date is after


  • Equals

  • Does not equal

  • Greater than

  • Less than

  • Greater than or equal

  • Less than or equal

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